March 1, 2019

Class of 2019 Dream2Be Senior -Amanda

A few things about Amanda

  1. I plan to attend Baylor University and major in Communication Sciences and Disorders to later become a speech pathologist.
  2. The things that I have loved most about high school are the friends and memories that I have made because I know many will last a lifetime.
  3. I serve the community through various volunteering events, and I often help with races and park district activities. I also get several volunteer-based clubs and teams connected with organizations in the area such as FMSC & SCARCE.
  4. I enjoy science because it is so diverse and answers many questions I have on how/why things work the way they do. I also enjoy Spanish because I have found myself using it outside of the classroom, whether it be in costa Rica or even at work.
  5. The most inspirational person in my life right now is my cousin Krista. She has four beautiful little girls, ages eight and under, and her husband is full-time deployed in the Air Force. Raising these girls (pretty much) on her own and moving almost every year has not been easy; however, she has remained strong, positive, and selfless throughout it all.
  6. I would love to meet Rupi Kaur someday because her books are so inspirational; even one poem is so powerful and carries such a strong message.
  7. Family and friends mean the most to me because I know they will have my back and support me no matter what. They are the people that make life fun and know just how to make me laugh – and for that I am so very thankful!

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