January 5, 2019

Simple & Easy New Years Theme Session for Senior Photographers

I wish I could say that my stylized sessions are ALWAYS super organized and planned out. However, the truth is I still have a family to tend to, animals to feed, and around the holidays SOOOO many places to go. As my kids get older, the busier my life gets. Forget the Christmas themes and GOD bless ALL the photographers out there who do them..because I will not.

Due to the fact I am so busy in the summer/fall, I have learned after years of burn out, that the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas I need a break. It’s seems crazy I’m sure because most would think that’s the best time for photographers to make a killing. But the reality is because I specialize in HS Seniors/Brand/Weddings I can take my much needed a break then. The only unfortunate part is that my family who should get pictures taken by me sometimes don’t. I just don’t want to pick up my camera at all after my busy seasons.

By New Years though, I’m rested and ready to get back to my passion and lets be honest it’s my job sooo…. Kids need to eat.

Thank God for that sparkly & fun holiday that falls right after Christmas. I’m kind of a tacky girl so New Years embodies and entertains that part of me that just wants to look like I bathed in glitter. New Year’s stylized sessions have been a ton of fun for me to shoot with my Senior reps in the past. This year however, due to crazy schedules I decided to use a few juniors instead. They were such amazing models to work with I am hoping they all will be representing me soon, for their senior year.

Well I know at least one will.. cause she’s mine. ; )

Now about this session:

When I think of New Years, I think of glitz, glam, sparkle, smiles, and the clock striking 12. The gold party backgrounds are super cheap and simple to hang on a black backdrop. I got 3 of them from Party City at $7.99 each.
The confetti used (which was more in my hair and on me then in the photos) was $2.99.
The headbands were $10 each, but I justified it because I will be able to use them again & again.
I had the girls pull a dress from their own closet. They were super excited about that since they all had dresses they loved that they only wore once. Here was an opportunity to wear them again.
Hair and Makeup, although a very important part of the shoot, I had decided to have the girls do their own.This year I have decided that I will be doing that more and more because they are just so good at it these days. They know the amount they like on themselves and I want them to look like themselves.
I was a professional Makeup artist, so I keep makeup on hand if I ever need to retouch. My daughter Lily is a dancer and over the years has become extremely good at applying her own makeup. The only thing I applied was the lashes. But they rocked their own looks beautifully. Super proud of all of them.

As you will see, you don’t need a lot to create a cute NYE concept. Just be willing to have fun. I know we sure did!
Happy New Year!

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