February 6, 2018

Creating a fun and comfortable child session – Featuring {Grayson}

Grayson and I have been friends since he was a baby.  He and his wonderful family have been one of the many highlights of my career as a growing business owner & photographer.  From the moment I met Grayson, he was my “Gap Baby boy”.  I always told his mom  and dad that they needed to get him in modeling. At 3 months old, I saw it.  When I shoot ANYONE,  I make it a point to get to know them.  The relationships I developed over the years surpass any success I have had. I want to be remembered for the time I spent with my clients, not just for someone who has “MADE IT” by the worlds standards of success.  Does it feel good to be published.. sure. I’ve been. Many times. But getting to know this kid you see here and his fabulous family for the past 5 years… means so MUCH more to me than any bragging rights of a magazine publication.

Today my once “gap baby model” Grayson is now being represented by Lily’s Talent and by the looks of his instagram, he’s booking some pretty cool things. I couldn’t be prouder of him and more excited for his parents. When I shoot any session, it’s never rushed.  Here’s a little tip, want your children to NOT hate getting their pictures taken?? Take them to someone who will take the time to get to know them. Great images of your children can cost more, yes. But in order for professionals to do what we do, own the gear that helps create the difference you see in our images that make them magazine worthy, it costs us too. It comes down to what photography means to you. I’m not here to tell anyone why I feel portraits are important and why we should invest in what we care most about.

What I’m here to say today is this is how I do it and why it has worked.

As an artist I have had to learn the hard way, I’m not for everyone. But maturity and some bad situations have taught me thats okay. Its actually GOOD! For us all. I know who my true clients are. They love what I do. They like me and the BEST thing is they love the photos enough to return back.

Every person matters when they step into the studio. The stories that made you who you are today are the stories I want to tell. So how do I keep things fun and comfortable for children? I don’t have any expectations except to truly connect with whose in front of me. Because when that connection is made… its golden.  Connections are everything to me.  So take a look here at this super hero of a boy and checkout the last collage of some of my favs I took of him throughout the years.  You’ll see …I too have grown.


Thank you Grayson. We love ya! See you soon.

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