It’s all about the journey- {Peyton’s Senior Session}

If someone would have told me that one day I would have more high school seniors friends in my life at 41 than I did when I was actually a high school senior I wouldn’t have believed you. But thats the amazing thing about life, we never REALLY know exactly the plan or destiny God has for our lives. I don’t think for one moment that there is anything else I should be doing than what I am right now. It’s been a crazy journey to say the least. One day I will have the words to share with others how God took a girl who has struggled making girlfriends her whole life, be able to connect with the exact age group she feared most. I love what I do and the relationships and connections I have been able to make in this journey. These sessions are more than just about the images I take. Its about each and every client of mine knowing that I believe in them too. That they matter and that I truly look forward to watching the future unfold for them.

I have known a little of Ms. Peyton for a few years now. She and my daughter Lily danced on the same competition team together. It’s no secret that my daughter’s dance life has had much to do with steering the course of my photography business. Again, there are no paths you can try to take that won’t lead you to where your supposed to be. Even your children can help bring you there.

As Peyton and I walked the grounds of Cantigny Park, she shared something with me that drew close to my heart immediately. She mentioned she was going to be studying neuropsychology in college. I love to hear about what someones dreams and aspirations are. I couldn’t help but ask how her decision came to be. Because she lost her grandmother to Alzheimers she now has a huge passion for finding a cure. Again, heres that moment when that feeling is validated that every person that comes into our life is never by accident. I lost my Busia (that means grandma in Polish) to the same heart breaking disease. I know how much a cure is needed how heartbreaking it can be for the families of the patient. I am so proud of her mission and her drive to use her life experience to become a force to help others.

I’m encouraged by her genuine sincerity and hope. Im also grateful for her willingness to share a little of her story with me and the permission she gave to share with you. Peyton, you are one remarkable lady and I look forward to seeing all that comes your way! I wish you the very best Senior year ever! Thank you for choosing me to shoot your senior photos!


Hair & Makeup by: Jessica Brown of Coast Salon in Geneva
Location: Cantigny Park in Winfield, Il

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